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By on December 7, 2013

Do you need a website for your growing practice but you don’t know where to start, or maybe you have a website that is just isn’t bringing you clients, and it’s an expensive headache to manage?  LiveEdit by Aurora is the solution for you.

LiveEdit Aurora is a drag-and-drop system that makes it easy to create beautiful and professional search engine-friendly pages, integrate your social media, and automatically create a mobile version of your site…without knowing a thing about web design or programming.  And at a fraction of the price of working with a web designer.

How to get your website system working for you:

1. Schedule a free consultation with LiveEdit to discuss your needs and goals and tour the system.

2. Clarify the specific solution that is right for you, and within your budget.

3. Work with LiveEdit to design your professional website, email marketing, and client management system.

4. Launch your new site and system.

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