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  • Nourishing Ayurvedic Diet
    Nourishing Ayurvedic Diet for the ‘Rainy Days of Life’

    Whether it was raining outside or the mood is gloomy, my father recommended to eat ‘Mung khichadi’ and drink ‘Golden Milk’. He called them ‘Ayurvedic Comfort food.’ You see,...

    • June 22, 2014
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  • ayurveda anemia
    Ayurvedic Approach for Anemia

    The word anaemia comes from ancient greek and means “lack of blood” and it is the most common disorder of the blood. It can refer to a decrease in...

    • June 20, 2014
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  • Man and Disease
    An Assembly of Sages Discuss the Origins of Man and Disease

    Āyurveda teaches that understanding the components which create human life, allows one to understand what can possibly malfunction and create disease. This allows a healer to distinguish the source...

    • June 18, 2014
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  • Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 2.37.38 PM
    Owning Your Vata Dosha

    Swift as a deer, cold as ice. The coldness of the harsh winds against the variegated sands of the desert nights- such is the nature of Vata. -Maya Tiwari,...

    • June 16, 2014
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  • age of vata
    Age Of Vata: Hasten Slowly!

    A wise Ayurvedic Practitioner came to our Yoga Center to talk on Ayurveda. While enlightening the audience, he casually mentioned, ‘This is an age of aggravated Vata, creating unrest...

    • June 15, 2014
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  • Euphoria
    Euphoria: Get the Rush without the Risk

    In my first book, Body, Mind, and Sport, I discussed techniques to experience the co-existence of opposites, also referred to as the zone or the flow during exercise. I...

    • June 13, 2014
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  • karnapoorna
    Karnapoorna (Karna Purana)

    Karnapoorna! Or Karna Purana. And there might be a 3rd or 4th spelling or 5th spelling, but no matter, it’s important to know that it exists. Do you know...

    • June 11, 2014
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  • Pitta Dosha
    Owning Your Pitta Dosha

    The brilliance of a raging fire dragon in a city of sparkling gems- such is the nature of Pitta. -Maya Tiwari, A Life of Balance “What’s your dosha?” Thanks...

    • June 9, 2014
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  • blissful nari
    Blissful Nari Smoothie for a Happy Menstrual Cycle

    Namaste Beautiful Ladies! I am sharing an Ayurvedic smoothie recipe with you that keeps me blissful during my monthly cycles. This drink is deliciously rich, comforting, and promises to...

    • June 8, 2014
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  • cliantro lime salsa
    Cilantro Lime Salsa

    Freshen up your skin for spring! Spring fever is here and rosy cheeks will soon replace your winter pallor. The warmer temperatures stimulate blood flow, especially to the skin....

    • June 6, 2014
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