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    10 Qualities of a Creative Leader

      Creativity is the name of the game in becoming a leader in your community, in your business, in your circle of peers, in your yoga studio, in your...

    • August 5, 2013
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    Yoga and Mindfulness as a Sound Investment in our World.

    As the number of Yoga-based scientific research is exploding and the physical and mental health benefits that yogis have known for centuries become accepted and mesureable scientific facts, it...

    • July 24, 2013
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    3 ways you might be sabotaging your message

    The other day while listening to a community radio station, I heard an interview with a local personality who was sharing about a trying experience that she went through...

    • July 21, 2013
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  • Ayurvedic Apothecary
    How 12 Design Principles of Permaculture Apply to the Business of Yoga & Ayurveda

    by Sarah Louisignau I’m a Permaculture kind of Entrepreneur.  What’s that, you say?  Permawhat?  I think some Wikipedia-ing is in order. First of all, the word entrepreneur is derived...

    • July 15, 2013
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    Quarterly Business Q&A Call – July 1st, 2013

    We had a great inaugural Quarterly Business Q&A Call this morning, and you can find the replay and recap below! You can register for our next free Q&A Call...

    • July 1, 2013
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    Serving your Yoga Tribe

    A few days ago Jacob and I met with the wonderful Amanda Serene Dozal, a dedicated yogini who runs Wild Mountain Yoga Studio here in Nevada City, CA.  We...

    • June 28, 2013
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    Should health insurance cover holistic health treatments?

    With costs of healthcare dramatically rising over the world and the rise in new attitudes around what constitute effective treatment, a lot more people are turning towards holistic health...

    • June 24, 2013
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    Following your Heart and sound business skills go hand in hand

    In his article on elephantjournal.com, Boston-based yoga teacher and studio owner Kevan Gale describes his journey from corporate manager who could only devote on day a week to share...

    • June 17, 2013
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    Ayurveda for Personal Trainers

    Claudia Richey is a Certified Personal Trainer and Ayurvedic Practitioner, she founded DoshaFit®, merging both disciplines into a comprehensive system that address the person as a one whole organism....

    • June 14, 2013
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    Are you a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur?

    So, what is the difference?  Why does it matter? A freelancer gets paid for her work.  Maybe by the hour, or the project.  So for example, a yoga teacher...

    • June 12, 2013
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