Following your Heart and sound business skills go hand in hand

By on June 17, 2013

In his article on, Boston-based yoga teacher and studio owner Kevan Gale describes his journey from corporate manager who could only devote on day a week to share his passion for yoga to giving up his job, moving across the state to open a yoga studio while supporting a family of five.  In his series of tips he talks about the importance of following your intuition and acting in a spirit of service, but also having a focused business vision and sound financial disciple:”once I realized I wanted to turn yoga into a career, I wrote a one-page business plan outlining my career transition over a five-year period.”

Too often we get caught up in inexamined concepts that spirit and profit are opposites.  If we wish to spread yoga, we need to start from where we are, this world we are living in, which includes having to make a living, paying bills, supporting our famillies.   Kevan’s story beautifully illustrates that following your heart and serving others goes hand in hand with learning how to manifest your vision in concrete, no-nonsense ways.  His approach is measured and realistic, and driven by his desire to “spread happiness far and wide and to inspire students to live their fullest lives.”

Have you ever felt a conflict between spirit and profit?  What have you discoved in your journey?




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